Cloud Web Hosting for Every Website

We provide industry-leading cPanel™ web hosting in 80+ global cities. We partner with leading cloud providers such as Digital Ocean, AWS and Google Compute, using the latest technology to provide super-fast & reliable hosting


Managed Cloud Servers for your Websites

We provide fully managed cPanel cloud servers on top of global providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Deploy to over 80 locations near-instantly. We take care of everything technical, so you can get on with running your website.


Special deals from "Our Partners"

Product NameMonthly PriceAnnual PriceTypeDiscover more...
Starter £3.99 £39.00 Shared Hosting LINK
Medium £7.49 £74.99 Shared Hosting LINK
Advanced £14.99 £143.88 Shared Hosting LINK
Mini Reseller £14.99 £149.88 Reseller Hosting LINK
Reseller 100 £47.00 £468.00 Reseller Hosting LINK
Premium Reseller £99.00 £1,068.00 Reseller Hosting LINK
Reseller 50 £24.99 £249.90 Reseller Hosting LINK
Alibaba - Medium £17.99 £179.00 Shared Hosting LINK
Alibaba - Advanced £29.99 £299.00 Shared Hosting LINK
AWS - Starter £9.99 £99.90 Shared Hosting LINK
AWS - Medium £17.99 £179.00 Shared Hosting LINK
AWS - Advanced £29.99 £299.00 Shared Hosting LINK
AWS - Business £24.00 £228.00 Shared Hosting LINK